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npr news on 12.25

From NPR News in Washington, I'm Nori Ram.

Iran is dismissing as illegal a UN Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on the country over its nuclear activities. The resolution calls on all countries to ban materials and technology that could be used for Iran's nuclear and missile programs. F reports from Tehran.

Iran's Foreign Ministry has called the resolution illegal and invalid in a statement read on state-run TV. Iran vowed to continue its nuclear activities, which it says are peaceful. The resolution demands Iran end all research on uranium enrichment, a key step in the nuclear fuel process that could be used to make bombs. The resolution also calls on Iran to stop all research and development that can make or deliver atomic weapons. If Iran does not comply, the Council could adopt other non-military sanctions. Iran's Foreign Ministry said the resolution would only discredit the UN Security Council. For NPR news I am R in Tehran.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the resolution a piece of torn paper. He said the Security Council would regret voting in favor of the sanctions, saying the west has lost its chance to make amends with Iran.

In Iraq today, officials say at least 7 police officers were killed in an attack on a police station, about 30 others were wounded. According to the report, a man walked into the station and blew himself up. Insurgents then fired 6 mortar rounds at the building.
Meanwhile in the southern city of Samara , at least 5 police officers were killed in fighting with militia members.

In Somalia, fighting between the Union of Islamic Corps militia and forces loyal to the UN-backed government has spread beyond Baidoa , where the government is now located to new areas of the country. Fierce clashes were reported today. BBC's Adam Meina has more.

The opposing sides blame each other for broadening the offensive. The Islamic Corps claim they've been attacked by Ethiopian artillery and helicopters, and there are also reports that Ethiopian military jets have been bombing Islamic forces in the town of Jaweler, near the Ethiopian border. Meanwhile the transitional government is accusing the Islamic Corps of opening their assault on new fronts. The BBC's Adam Meina reporting.

All 6 runways are supposed to be opened at Denver International Airport today for the first time since a blizzard hit Wednesday. Thousands of passengers were stranded, including Sherry Louis Cohoe (人名) of L., Idaho. She spent much of her time making new friends. “Only confiscated from caught, from captain there, so that we only thought somebody was in need, we can offer them to them and we can friendly have our a little community up here and it has been very pleasant.” Denver International is the fifth busiest airport in the country. The shutdown there has had a ripple effect across the country, causing delays and cancellations at one of the busiest travel times of the year.

You are listening to NPR news from Washington.

There are thousands of homes and businesses without electricity in central Wisconsin. A snowstorm brought down power lines Friday, interrupting services to about 30,000 customers. Utility officials say about half have been restored and crews are working to bring everybody back online.

Phoenix-based Mesa Air will be the first US-based carrier to operate flights out of mainland China. After a merger with Shenzhen Airlines, the combined carrier will also extend Shenzhen's reach into rural China. From Member station KJZZ in Phoenix, Mark Marine reports.

Mesa Air already operates its regional carrier for a number of larger airlines including Delta, United and US Airways. Now it will combine with Shenzhen Air to reach in the parts of rural China. Under the deal, the combined airline which is yet to be named will have 20 50-seat planes operating before the 2008 Beijing Olympics with plans to operate 100 planes within 5 years. Right now, Mesa Air flies to 173 cities and 43 states, the Bahamas, Canada and Mexico. China is the world's fastest growing travel market, with the population of more than 1.2 billion people. Forty of the country's 50 largest airports have expansion projects underway. For NPR news I am Mark Marine in Phoenix.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his leg, skiing yesterday in Sun Valley, Idaho. A spokesman for the governor's office said the governor was vacationing with his family in Sun Valley when the accident occurred. He said no one else was hurt.
I'm Nori Ram, NPR news in Washington.

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