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Google Android Custom Widget RichEdit - 1

I developed two custom widgets for ZInfo.

One is called RichText that can show links with custom display text, rather than the link itself.
The other is a more powerful dialog. It will be discussed later.

Android provides a widget called TextView with auto link feature.
That means you can show this:
This is http://zeaster.com/blog/

but, how to show this:
This is my blog.

How to show a link with custom display text?
RichText helps us in this way:

RichText rt = (RichText) findViewById(R.id.rich_text);
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
sb.append("This is a demo about how to use RichText.\n");
sb.append("a custom android widegt show links with custom display text, rather than the link itself.\n");
sb.append("This is <a href='http://zeaster.com/blog'>my blog</a>\n");
sb.append("This is <a href='http://infosword.com/zinfo'>ZInfo</a>\n");

With this code, you got:

SpannableString is used in RichText to show custom style.
For more details, check its source code.

ZInfo - Information sharing platfrom on Android

ZInfo is finally released for Android Developer Challenge after our many hard working days.
an information sharing platform based on your contacts and location.
The video demo can be found at http://infosword.com/zinfo/video.html.

We gave a presentation about ZInfo on Beijing Open Party - Before the Rain.
It makes me the most excited that I meet a lot of open source followers.
They are very friendly, full of passion, enjoy coding! I learned a lot from them.

Special thanks to cleverpig!
He is so kind and want to sponsor us a server to host ZInfo.
And he understands us fully when we decided to put off releasing publicly recently.

It's so great to meet you guys in the community!