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cnn news on 12.28

From the CNN center in Atlanta, I 'm Nicole Lapin, here is some headlines NOW IN THE NEWS.

Former President Gerald Ford died last night .He was 93 years old .Ford helps the US recover from water gate Scandal .His presidency was defined by his pardon of Richard Nixon. Ford is the only person to have served as president and vice president without have being elected to either office .

Sadaam Hussein could be excuted as early as today .Yesterday ,an Iraqi appeal court upheld Sadaam Hussein death sentence .Iraqi law requirements to be carried out within 30 days .He was sentenced in Nov for his role in 1982 massacre .

Israel has launched what could be a major blow to maintaining its monthly ceasefire with the Palestinian authority.This morning , Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's vow to renew pinpoint attacks against rocket -launching cells in GAZA.The decision came after 2 Israeli boys were wounded by a rocket in a town On the Israeli Gaze border .

Ethiopian and Somalia government troops have taking control of major Somalia town from Islamic fighters .A somalia spoksman says Somalia troops are now heading towards Porter Town about 20 miles from Mogadishu. An Islamic militia controls Mogadishu and much of Somalia.Yesterday ,UN envoy to Somalia warned a deteriorating situation in that country .

Charges that US military had identified the 9.11 hijackers before the attacks are false .That's the finding of investigation .While Publican Congreeman Curt Weldon had charged ,that a secret military unit had collected data on hijackers a year before the attack. Waiters on the Senate intelligence now say there is no evidence to back that up .

We are just now take out from this one ,and i think another storm could probably snow a simpelly good .And they just can't catch a break in the mile high city .Meteorologists are say more snow is expected in the Denver's area tomorrow and on Friday rivaling last week blizzard .

The White house is expected to announce today that it wants to list polar bears as the endangered species .And An interior official deparment tells the Washington post bears are in trouble because warm temperatures are melting their habitat. It would be the first time in-administration acknowledges climate change as a reason for putting a species on that list.

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