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two badly things about time difference or google

see my letter to Group Google BloggerDataAPI-owner:
Yesterday, I replied 2 msg to the thread "share a tool that imports
all posts from wordpress to blogger/blogspot"
however only 1 msg passed by moderator.
so I wonder the other msg is filtered by google anti-spam script or
if it's script, that's a top priority bug to fix, I think.
if it's moderator, I wonder why it is filtered. Is it mistaken by a
duplicated one?

The following is the filtered msg. I'd like to re-publish it again.
"I imported about 55 posts from my local wordpress to blogger for one
Today for test, I upgraded my wordpress to 2.1, created a 350kb txt
file, published all its content as a post to wordpress.
after that, python script reads all my 65 wp posts and drafts
so I wonder that's a matter of your data.
Are your wp hosted on your local Mac box?
or try to capture the response from server by httplook on a windows
box or ?? on Mac"

I suggest this group only use a script to filter. because now I post
one msg and have to wait for 10+ hours to see it in group threads for
a time difference of 10+ hours between US and China. I guess many
other people have the same issue.
a script can work for 24 hours a day, a moderator can not. Thanks

see google group thread or google gwt issue tracker
When I checked out google-web-toolkit source code and run the unit test, surprised to get a Failure in DateTest.java.
The reason is time difference! It only passes in GMT -1 ~ -12, and fails in GMT 0 ~ 14 countries
my fix is to comment all buggish method just like testGetHours().

the code is:
  /** Testing for public int java.util.Date.getDate()* */
  public void testGetDate() {
    Date accum1 = create(PAST);
    int a1 = accum1.getDate();
    assertEquals(4, a1);         ===========> it fails in GMT 0 ~ 14 countries
  Date create(String s) {
    if (s.equals(FUTURE)) {
      return new Date("12/30/2010 3:4:5 GMT");
    } else if (s.equals(PAST)) {
      return new Date("1/5/1880 GMT");
    } .......

   * Testing for public int java.util.Date.getHours()
  public void testGetHours() {
    // Cannot be done because each time zone will give a different
    // answer

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