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A python script that get posts from wordpress by httplib

the script can be downloaded from

# set your wordpress username, password, wp_url, wp_path
wp_username = 'admin'  
wp_passwd = 'myword'
wp_url = 'localhost' 
wp_path = '/wordpress/xmlrpc.php'
# set how many recent posts do you want to import from wordpress to blogger
wp_recent_posts_num = 5
# set filename which the wp server response will be output to
wp_response_file = 'wp_server_response.txt'

the file "wp_response_file" contains the server response. which can be found in the current folder.
if successfully, it's the posts retrieved.
if unsuccessfully, it's the debug info.

Hope this helps Erica Baker

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Erica Joy said...

So the full dump using httplib worked. Progress!