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A simpler tool that imports all posts from wordpress to blogger/blogspot

jigar told me that the tool I post yesterday is too technical in Groups Google.
can you make it simpler by making a standalone application. (I m trying
with that.)
This is too technical.
 If successful definitely it will be most useful thing around for
so I made it simpler by building a standalone. and
The simpler tool can be downloaded from this link.

After that, I found python is more suitable to do this staff and I'll try to make a more simpler tool written in python later.

0. What is it used for?
This is a simple tool to import all posts from wordpress to blogger/blogspot.

1. How to use it?
1.1 as standalone app
for windwows user
1) set java in your path
2) set some parameters in run.bat, see details in run.bat
3) run run.bat now.

for linux/Mac OS X user
1) set java in your path
2) some parameters in run.sh, see details in run.sh
3) run run.sh now.

1.2 you can compile it and run it of course!
This tool depends on (a) Google Data APIs java client library and (b) apache xml-rpc library.
You can find them on
(a) http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/download/gdata.java.zip
(b) http://ws.apache.org/xmlrpc/download.html

download and put the above two libraries in your classpath
now configure some parameters in src/org/easter/blogsync/SyncWorker.java
1) set your wordpress blog url
2) set your wordpress blog username and password
3) set your blogger username and password
4) set your blogger blogid. Don't know what's your blogger's blogid? go to step 2.
5) set how many recent posts do you want to import from wordpress.

ok, let's run SyncWorker.java, and done.

2. what is my blogger blogid?
It's in your blogspot Dashboard url, for example: http://www2.blogger.com/posts.g?blogID=18083698
"18083698" is your blogid.

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