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Google Android Custom Widget RichEdit - 1

I developed two custom widgets for ZInfo.

One is called RichText that can show links with custom display text, rather than the link itself.
The other is a more powerful dialog. It will be discussed later.

Android provides a widget called TextView with auto link feature.
That means you can show this:
This is http://zeaster.com/blog/

but, how to show this:
This is my blog.

How to show a link with custom display text?
RichText helps us in this way:

RichText rt = (RichText) findViewById(R.id.rich_text);
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
sb.append("This is a demo about how to use RichText.\n");
sb.append("a custom android widegt show links with custom display text, rather than the link itself.\n");
sb.append("This is <a href='http://zeaster.com/blog'>my blog</a>\n");
sb.append("This is <a href='http://infosword.com/zinfo'>ZInfo</a>\n");

With this code, you got:

SpannableString is used in RichText to show custom style.
For more details, check its source code.

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