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blogsync 0.3 released, comments can be imported.

Firstly, the foregoing blogsync 2.0 should be blogsync 0.2. :-)
blogsync is a tool that import your wordpress to blogger from rss xml file or online

Now it's blogsync 0.3 release. and it can import comments from exported wordpress rss xml file to blogger site.
it can be downloaded from:

however it can not preserve the published time of the original comments.
so the published time of your imported comment is just the time when you import.
more details can be found at


Surya Kiran Reddy said...

getting following error when imported
"can not login with blogger account: invalid credintials"

any help?

Yichao said...

Hi surya,
Is the problem reproducible now?
Please check your username/pwd.
I tried with my account, it works fine.
If you still have the error, pls provide some more details, see error.log in your blogsync directory.

Giuliani Deon Sanches said...

To surya: Have you added the gmail domain at your users name (@gmail.com) ?

To yichao: Hi man. I have added a issue for you here:
Everytime when i try to import posts and comments from my wordpress blog my desktop start to "blink", a error message is printed on my screen and blogsync became my background wallpaper freezing everything else. :D
Can you help me ?

Yichao said...

Hi giuliani,
what's the error message printed on your screen?
or post your error.log here or email it to me.
the error.log is in your blogsync directory.

when importing, the import button shows as pressed, it comes back to normal state after importing finished.
however it's only the import button that looks freezing, not the whole desktop.

Surya Kiran Reddy said...


i added google domain to my user id . This works now. Its fentastic app. Thank you soo much.


HelenaN said...

Hi Yichao,

I'm having trouble to set the java path, I just don't know how. Can you give me a quick step-by-step for windows?

Thanks so much for a wonderful tool!

Yichao said...

Hi HelenaN
say you installed java into c:/j2sdk1.5
and your java.exe is in c:/j2sdk1.5/bin
set java path means:
change the following line in run.bat
set path=e:/jdk1.5.0/bin
to this:
set path=c:/j2sdk1.5/bin

see details:

emrahkirdok said...

hi there

i made everything you said. i set the path, and run run.bat but nothing appears. please help me.

HelenaN said...

Thanks a lot Yichao! I got it to run and it now reads the XML export file from Wordpress. However... when I try to import a post to Blogger (after correctly inserting my username, password and blog ID #), I get the following error:

can not log in to blogger account:
Error connecting to login URl

Help? :)

HelenaN said...

Ok, forget my last question. It was the company's proxy!

Yichao said...

to emrahkirdok:
Open a terminal and run run.bat in the terminal.
It'd tell you what's going wrong.

to HelenaN:
Thanks for your feedback!

emrahkirdok said...

thank you yichao;

i think i have a different version of java. which version of java do you recommend?

Yichao said...

to emrahkirdok:

jdk 1.5 or later.

Bizzy B said...

First off, Thanks for your great tool!

However, I'm having a major problem. No matter what I do I can't seem to import more than 50 of my wordpress posts into blogger. Can u help me with this situation?

Yichao said...

Google limits you to post at most 50 entries within one day.
so try it tomorrow.

kyd said...

I cannot import anything either from the website (hosted by my provider) or by the xml file.

I am using wordpress 2.2.2.
I alos have java 1.6.0_02.

Can anybody help?

kyd said...

Ok, got to migrate from my wordpress hosted by my provider to a wordpress account on wordpress.com.

I can now read post from the wordpress.com.
Though, I cannot read from the XML file (the one from the wordpress.com and not the one hosted by my provider). Meaning, my comments are not uploaded.

Need help for this last one.

Thank you

Yichao said...

Your problem may be due to some bad characters in the xml.
edit your rss file by a text editor, cut some items, and try it again.
However blogsync does NOT filter duplicated item. importing twice
would cause duplicated entries.

By the way,
I found that some tag names of rss file is changed by the latest wordpress.
for example,
tag post_type is missing in wordpress 2.2
tag post_date is changed to pubDate.
so even you have cut the bad characters, it may still be broken if you
are using wordpress 2.2.

Jonathan said...

Here is another tool that has similar capabilities (but more blogging framework support). This tool worked for me where blogsync sadly did not. :(

Hope someone finds this link useful.


kimrv said...

how can i use this? i've download the application. please help.

Блогмн said...

Hello. zeaster.
post ok comments can't import. Can you help me? There is an error import comment...

Deedee said...

Hi, thanks for the code. The export and import function itself is already a miracle.

However, comments import doesn't work for me, there is a window popping out for every post contains any comment. The error message got fold up so I can't paste them here. And when I choose to read from the rss file and assigned say 0 to 100, the order of the read post is somehow not consistent with the published date, several post jumped a lot.

Really curious about how wordpress manages to import from other servers, almost perfect compared to the blogger code group... The google blogger converter code group's program is not nearly as good as yours actually.

Anyway, just want to thank you for your nice effort, u r so close to a perfect product. And looking forward to every progress u r gonna make!